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Eric Campbell | Principal
Eric has over 20 years of experience in the field of natural resource management and environmental consulting, and has managed and permitted over 250 transportation, development, and infrastructure projects for numerous public and private stakeholders throughout the Pacific Northwest. He has extensive knowledge of federal, state and local environmental regulations, with expertise in the areas of wetland/waters delineation and permitting, Endangered Species Act (ESA) consultation, project mitigation, NEPA compliance, habitat assessment, stormwater regulation, fish passage, and environmental monitoring.
Eric also has experience in cultural resource management.
Certifications and Training:
Oregon Biological Assessment and FAHP Certification, ODOT
Certified Environmental Construction Inspector (CECI), ODOT
Wetland Delineation Training, PSU
Wetland Regulations and Mitigation Permit Compliance, PSU
Advanced Wetland Soils and Hydrology, PSU